Bring your booth to life

We gamify your conventional exhibition stand to make it highly engaging and drive greater ROI.

Bring your booth to life

We gamify your conventional exhibition stand to make it highly engaging and drive greater ROI.

Gamify to drive ROI

Engagement is the primary reason attendees are compelled to approach and interact with your booth. It is what makes you stand out from your competitors. And when it comes to engagement, games are unmatched. 

The inventive games we create for you involve leadership scores, prizes or rewards, and essentially, immense fun. These spark conversations, deliver memorable experiences and hence create strong incentives for the attendees to engage with your brand in more meaningful ways. 

This engagement translates to higher leads and therefore greater ROI.

Why socialgage?

High Engagement 

Our games are fun and interactive which compels attendees to approach and stay longer at your booth.

Live Leadership Boards

A leadership board makes the games more competitive and rewarding, and hence the players even more eager to play.  

Custom Rewards

Reward your participants based on their score with custom prizes such as discount vouchers, gift coupons and even electronic gadgets. 

Drive Lead Generation

Before a game is played, we set up lead forms or surveys that the player must fill. 

Integrate with Your CRM

Integration allows you to export all the captured leads to your CRM easily.

Real Time Analytics

Conveniently track progress in real time with our dashboard reports and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Enhance Brand Impact

Regardless of the setting, engage audiences of all types and enhance your brand's impact.

Customized Exclusively for Your Brand

We meticulously design the game to reflect, exclusively, your brand's look and feel.

Increase ROI

High engagement and lead capture translates to an overall increase in ROI.

Across All Devices

The games we create for you work on all devices big and small.

When they engage,

you drive

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